Fall Boat Shows Update

We recently completed 4 fall shows, including our first RV/Camping show in Hershey PA.  In short it was a record season for us at the shows!  Although we only celebrated our one year anniversary in Newport this year, it was great to see so many returning customers in Newport and the Annapolis Powerboat show.

In addition to the Hershey RV show, this was also our first year at the Annapolis Sail Show.   As one of the industries largest in water sail shows, it did not disappoint!  The show was jam packed from the moment the gates opened at 10 am on Thursday.  We continued to receive great feedback from customers and booth visitors alike and nearly everyone loved our new nautical colors!  We also learned a lot about the more unique aspects of sailing from many helpful customers and how well our collapsable products fit this style of boating.

We were pleased to be able to introduce our new 2 quart collapsible stove top cook pot beginning with the Newport show.  The new size was a hit with customers and for the first time we were able to sell sets of cook pots (2 qt + 4qt) in addition to sets of our multi-oven cookware (medium + large).  Both the new 2 quart pot and the sets sold well.   One of the best features about the new 2 qt cook pot is that it nests within the 4 qt so together, when stored, they are only about 3″ tall and less than 12″ in diameter.  A pretty impressive feat considering they have a capacity together of over 1.5 gallons!

Annapolis Power Boat Show 2015 update

Some recent happenings as we enter the last day of the show…

– Nautical Scout products currently enroute to Alaska…welcoming the Great North West to the Nautical Scout community

– Several repeat customers stopping by the booth purchasing additonal cookware and gallery accessories while giving rave reviews to prospective customers.  (We love when that happens!)

– One of the best interactions we had was when two kids stop by ‘scouting’ for their parents Christmas gifts.

– Some awesome ideas were shared as well:

1- One customer described how they used their multi oven silicone cookware in the bbq grill.  Normally we don’t recommend that because only the stainless steel-bottomed cook pots work on a controlled gas burner.  But, this clever customer placed a cookie sheet under the silicone and turned their grill into an oven.  They described keeping the grill btw 400-425 degrees (we recommend not exceeding 450 degrees fahrenheit, so if you were to try this approach you need to know your bbq grill temperature).

2- if your planning a long weekender plan your dinners ahead of time, especially with kids in tow. Freeze your soups, bisques, chillies in our multi-oven cookware.  When you’re ready to eat, simply reheat/cook in microwave or oven.