Southern Boating Magazine recognizes Nautical Scout’s 7 Ltr Collapsible Bucket in their Holiday Gift Guide

The editors of Southern Boating have selected our 7 liter collapsible bucket for the annual holiday gift guide.  We are pleased to have received this  recognition from Southern Boating being one of only 18 products selected.

Southern Boating Holiday Gift Guide 2015 v1.0.001

Nautical Scout Collapsibles featured in croppedNew England Boating knows a great product when they see one…

“If space is at a premium on board your boat (when is it not?), check out the line of innovative, collapsible cookware from Nautical Scout.The line includes pots, pans, kettles, bowls, buckets, funnels, pet bowls, coffee drippers, tea infusers and more, all made of flexible, food-safe, non-toxic materials. What’s more, the silicone-sided stovetop cookware heats faster and stays warm longer, providing a 25%-50% energy savings over conventional cookware.”

Check them out here: New England Boating