Welcome to the Nautical Scout Blog!

If you’ve been to our website  you’ll already know that we are reliable hunters scouting the globe for nice nautical goods!  We are also passionate boaters and with passion comes a need to share.  That’s why we have created the Nautical Scout Blog.

Here at the Nautical Scout we understand boating is ultimately about the experience.

For the truly passionate sailor, boating is a way of life to be shared with friends and family.  We enjoy meeting new people, seeing great friends, and exploring new places on the water.  We created the NS blog to share our some of our experiences and hope you’ll share yours with us.

We also want to provide advice and tips on silicone Collapsible products,  Recipes specifically created to take advantage of collapsible cookware and your onboard microwave or oven,  tips and ideas for the galley, storage, and nautical living in general.  Under these headings we’ll write and hope to hear from you about product ideas, decorating, storage, suggestions on what works and what doesn’t.  We hope you’ll share your experiences with us.  We welcome comments, thoughts, suggestion, and ideas,…

… whatever it takes to make your boating experience the best it can be!

Feel free to contact us anytime here.