Meals Planned ahead

Several customers have mentioned to us when they’re taking a long weekend on their boat or RV, they’ll make a soup, stew, or chilli in our 2 or 4 Qt stove top cook pot, then freeze it in our multi-oven cookware so they can bring with them for meals on the go.   At meal time, they just pop their frozen multi-ovenware cookware meal into microwave or oven for fast and convenient meal prep.   Anyone with kids knows a preplanned meal for them is a nice hot meal for the parents!

Ice Cold Shrimp Cocktail a la Bucket!

This happens to be one of the most unique ideas we’ve seen.  A creative owner of one of our collapsible buckets filled it with ice 3/4’s of the way up, then took the stainless steel lid from our 4Qt pot and placed it over the ice…the lid side’s nested snuggly into the sides of the pail.  (You need to use enough ice so that it comes in contact with the lid).  After a couple of minutes the lid became ice cold and our fellow Scouter place the shrimp on top of the lid and served.   The shrimp stayed cold without getting wet.  We we’re told the bucket handle was the only draw back in this situation when others decided to walk off with the shrimp…not sure if they were refilling or taking for themselves.

Meal Prep Tips and Tricks with NS Products

From time to time we pick up great ideas from our customers and we want to start sharing them with our readers.  Most of these come to us when existing customers come by our booth at boat shows.   We also receive emails.  Either way, we love hearing from our customers so keep sending us your comments!