About Our Collapsible Cookware

Nautical Scout Collapsibles give you what you need most in tight situations: more space in your cabinets and drawers while offering you easy-to-use cookware and accessories made of durable, safe, and tested materials.

If our collapsible cookware can survive the rigors of ocean sailing, you can be sure it’s great on terra firma, too!  Get the most out of your galley, kitchen, RV experience, camping excursion, or anywhere you need to save galley or kitchen space.

6 items spread on galley

Six collapsible cookware pieces with a total capacity of over 12.25 quarts.

6 items stored in galley cabinet

Six items (1 tea kettle, 1 -four qt cook pot, 1 large multi-oven oval, 1 large multi-oven rectangle, 1 extra large multi-oven round, 1 rice steamer ) stored in galley cabinet along with 8 pc dinner setting of large and small plates, and a dozen 16 oz. plastic cups.




6 items stored in galley cabinet close up

Close up of 6 items stored in galley cabinet










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Key Product Features: 

  • Up to 70% space savings over non-collapsible equivalent products.
  • Approved by both the FDA & more rigorous European Standards administered in Germany (LFGB).
  • Silicone withstands freezer and oven temperatures from -40º F to 450º F.
  • Easy to store, reduces clutter and noise, and tested for true durability and value.

“I am so impressed with the quality…the quality of the packaging, the merchandising, everything.” – Linda, Nautical Scout Customer

Whether it’s our versatile 7 Liter Bucket (great for cold beers on deck or even keeping your shrimp cool), our Multi-Oven Cookware (collapsible to just 1.5” inches), or our 4” tall Pour Over Coffee Dripper that flattens to just 1/2” an inch, our collapsible cookware and kitchen accessories will make the most out of your precious space.

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