Safe and Environmentally Sound Cookware

Health, Safety, and the Environment

  • FDA and LFGB European Standard approved safe, non-toxic, & recyclable.
  • Because silicone material has insulating properties, the stove top products heat faster than traditional cookware and stay warmer longer for 25-50% energy savings.
  • The surface of the multi-oven products, when used in the microwave, stay cooler to the touch than glass or some plastics making handling easier. (See Care and Use for more information on proper handling techniques.)
  • No BPA, BPS, or Melamine
  • Rigorously tested for quality and durability

Testing Standards
Both the US and Europe have extensive testing procedures for silicone products. In the United States, the FDA is responsible for the testing standards. As for Europe, the most common standard is LFGB (which stands for Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch), a German based standard.

FDA and LFGB standards result in a similar amount of testing being performed on each product. The most significant difference is that the LFGB tests are more thorough and therefore, take more time. This can result in higher costs for producers that meet the European standard. This doesn’t mean that LFGB testing is superior to FDA standards as both are completely safe for human use.

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