Meals Planned ahead

Several customers have mentioned to us when they’re taking a long weekend on their boat or RV, they’ll make a soup, stew, or chilli in our 2 or 4 Qt stove top cook pot, then freeze it in our multi-oven cookware so they can bring with them for meals on the go.   At meal time, they just pop their frozen multi-ovenware cookware meal into microwave or oven for fast and convenient meal prep.   Anyone with kids knows a preplanned meal for them is a nice hot meal for the parents!

Salty Kisses blog loves their collapsible kettle

Check out this great blog of a live aboard cruising family based in the Virgin Islands called Salty Kisses.  They recently posted comments about how much they love their new collapsible kettle. We love it when a fellow boater shares our enthusiasm for a product that seems tailored made for travel and tight spaces!  Happy Sailing!

Nautical Scout featured in Cruising World’s Sailors’ Holiday Wish List…

Nautical Scout’s line of collapsible cookware is featured in Cruising World’s online gift guide called Sailors’ Wish List –  They also feature in the December print edition on page 62.

The Sailors’ wish list is Cruising Worlds’ “Picks of gifts that are sure to please any water lover.  “According to the online post, “If galley space is at a premium on your boat, take a look at Nautical Scout’s line of collapsible cookware. The line, which includes such handy items as a cook pot, a teakettle (shown) and a bucket, is made from food-grade silicone and stainless steel. $45 (teakettle).

We couldn’t agree more!

The December 2014 print edition reviews our popular 4 qt. collapsible cook pot.

Collapsable Storage


We recently discovered the beauty and efficiency of silicone collapsable galley ware.  While perusing the aisles of a discount retail store we found a colander and bowl that collapsed at the center to become less than a third their original size.   Unfortunately, the selection of these items was quite limited and future stock was hit or miss.

But, having found the value in having a sturdy galley item that would shrink to a third it’s normal size, we were hooked.

Since then we have added to our collection of collapsables to include a ‘salad spinner’, which doubles as a mixing bowl and vegetable wash, a collapsable funnel, and…